Why I Do What I Do

It is actually quite often that I am asked why do you do what you do.  I hear that when I am doing community service work, or when people find out that I am an “insurance agent”.

I have a firm belief that you have to give back to your community then you take out.  My community supports my family financially, buy purchasing their insurance through me.  Neighbors have helped us move, brought dinner over when we were dealing with family medical issues.  They have even mowed our yard when we were on vacation, helped organize our garage.  Our watchful neighbors help provide a safe place for our family.

What about this insurance gig.  Aren’t insurance agents respected much like a used car salesman or a lawyer?  Simple answer is yet.  Do I believe it is still a honorable career, yes I do.  I truly enjoy helping people solve their insurance problems, even if they don’t end up buying from me.  I know if I do my absolute best and give my best recommendation which may include purchasing from somewhere else, I know I did the right thing for them.  I also know as history has proven itself that those people will tirelessly refer me to their friends and family.

My wife sent me a video a couple weeks ago which I just shared on my Facebook page but didn’t write my thoughts on it.  Shame on me I know.  I am going to share it here, and I would REALLY encourage you to take a couple minutes out of your day to watch it.  You won’t see it on your television as it’s a life insurance company commercial from Thailand.  Take a gander!

If I were to put in a video what I am trying to say here, I believe this is what the video would look like. Doing things for people, not to gain financially, but to gain to emotions of others a smile, a friendship, and a sense of a job well done.

Please comment on what this video tells you, Do you see someone on a semi-regular basis that might benefit from you doing something for them, even if they don’t know who did it?  Does it inspire you to do something in your community?  If you already do community service work, does it inspire you to do just a little bit more?