Where to buy Florida probate bond

Getting right to the point, has a judge already said you need to have a probate bond? If so, follow these steps in order:

  1. https://www.avenueinsuranceplanners.com/recommends/florida-probate-bond-application/
  2. Email the court documents to the email address provided after filling out the form

What is a probate bond in Florida?

The probate bond is an executorial bond of probate courts. Florida State Court Bonds are issued for an executor or administrator’s estate. The bond is intended as protection against damage to the assets or creditors from criminal neglect and malfeasance of the executors. In Florida, a probate bond is required by Florida statute 733.402 for probate administrators, executors, conservators, and guardians.

Most of the time, wills drafted will waive bond requirements; however, sometimes, that waiver does not exist. The Court may waive the bond requirement, require a bond, increase or decrease it, or require additional surety at their discretion. So to answer the question of whether a probate bond is required in Florida, it depends upon the Court’s decision.

Also, people who have been ruled incapacitated and or are minors will have guardians (private or professional) to manage the assets of their wards.

How much does a probate bond cost? There are too many variables in the question to be able put it into a generalized article. But a good starting point would be around $100.00. We work carefully and vigorously to find a bond that fits your unique situation. We can usually issue the glue within a few minutes, literally!

Probate bonds are suitable for every county and all Circuits in Florida.

Even though insurance companies sell bonds, insurance agents represent the insurance company in selling the bond; bonds are different than insurance. How a cement works are when a claim is filed against the probate bond and the principal has been found stealing or otherwise wasting the ward’s money, the bond will pay out the bond amount, and the principal must then pay back the bond company. So it is almost like a credit line.

Florida Professional Guardians

Professional guardians also require a bond to receive and maintain their Florida professional guardian licensure. A professional guardian must post a bond of no less than $50,000.00, per Florida Statute 744.2003(2). If you are a professional guardian or want to become one, you can get your bond instantly by going to https://www.avenueinsuranceplanners.com/recommends/florida-professional-guardian-bond/ Professional guardian bond premiums usually come in at or around $500.00. You can also call us at 352-508-4221

Need a Different Bond Type?

If a Florida probate or professional guardian bond is not what you are looking for or need, you can effortlessly search for bonds from our bond home page. If you can’t find the bond you are looking for, call us at 352-508-4221.