Washington State Medicare Supplement Plans

As of this writing (11/10/2018), the Washington State Insurance Commissioner’s office has approved the following plans: A, B, C, D, F (including High Deductible F), G, K, L, M, N.

Every insurer in Washington State must offer plan A if they are going to offer Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap plans.

High Deductible Plan F has a deductible of $2,180 for 2015.  On the high deductible plan F, this deductible must be met before this medicare supplement plan pays any benefits.

Exact Same Plans!

Although rates differ from each insurer, the plans all have the same benefits.  A Plan C with one carrier has the same benefits as Plan C with another airline; the only difference is the cost.


Washington State doesn’t have any yearly open enrollment period for Medicare Supplement plans, which means you can buy or switch Medicare Supplement plans anytime throughout the year.

Insurers may require a health screening (usually a health questionnaire) if you switch to a better (more prosperous) Medicare supplement plan.  However, there is no health screening if you are switching from and to the same goal.  If your carrier that you have Plan F through just raised their rates, you could switch to another airline with a cheaper Plan F, with no medical questions asked.

Insurers can change their Medicare Supplement rates at any time throughout the year; however, many will only change their prices once a year at the same time of year.

At Avenue Insurance Planners, we offer a free Medicare Supplement shopping service.  We don’t charge our clients as the carrier pays us.  We provide complete transparency when shopping plans for you; you see the exact rate from all the airlines, so you know we are getting you the best plan at the lowest cost.  509-927-9200