Types of Insurance

We offer various types of insurance, such as individual health and Medicare, life insurance, disability insurance, annuities, etc. Please get in touch with us for your free consultation to discuss if we are the right fit for you and your situation.


So you’re coming of age (65), or you’re already there… Bob down the street says that plan so and so is best, and Doris, your nosey neighbor, says another goal is best. So, which is true? We will show you the different options and discuss your choices.

Health Insurance
Most people don’t think about health insurance until their employer doesn’t cover it or their rates start going through the roof. At Avenue Insurance Planners, we have access to all the different individual health coverage available, and travel Insurance partly falls under health insurance.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance is the pinnacle of any financial plan. Whether you’re just getting started or are an old pro, there is a life insurance policy that will fit your needs and, most importantly, the needs of those who you leave behind. Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Final Expense (burial/cremation)

Disability Insurance
Did you know that at younger ages (18-55), you have more chances of being disabled than dying? Disability insurance is often the most overlooked coverage and could result in the most exposure to you. Do you have disability insurance? Do you have enough?

There are no funny annuities either, just fixed and immediate, guaranteed rates of return, no variables. You can have a Roth or traditional IRA inside a grant or a non-qualified account, and we can help you navigate the annuity maze.

Long-Term Care Insurance
Previously known as nursing home insurance, long-term care insurance now covers much more. Whether you’re getting care at home, in a nursing home, or in assisted living, we can help find you the right fit. We even have policies that pay you cash upfront.