Ten Reasons You Need Life Insurance

We hear the stories every day. People die suddenly from heart attacks or freak car accidents. That makes us think, what if that happened to me?

Disability Insurance

Consider these ten reasons for owning life insurance:

  1. Debts – What happens to your debts if you die right now? Existing bills, medical, and funeral costs. It’s a debtor, Mount Everest, on which you leave your family without life insurance. Who covers the expenses you have amassed already and those you leave behind?
  2. Your family may lose their home – Will they face foreclosure? Be forced to sell? They’ve just lost you. Now, they may lose their home, too. Who will be there to pay the mortgage when you can’t be?
  3. Family lifestyle – Most couples in this day and age must both work to sustain their families. Think of the vacations and Christmas mornings your income provides.
  4. Income for necessities – What about school for your children? Do you envision them going on to college? Who will pay when you’re gone?
  5. Your spouse’s sleepless nights – They already have to deal with an empty bed. How many sleepless nights will there be for them? Life insurance assures peace of mind.  
  6. The legalities – There may well be taxes and legal and probate costs to cover, and life insurance can leave tax-free money to your beneficiary to cover such expenses.
  7. Quality care for your kids – What about the expenses that health insurance doesn’t cover? Will they go to better doctors? Does your son depend upon asthma medication? Does your daughter need braces? Will they one day? If so, who pays for that without you?
  8. Your extended family – With uncertain times and retirement benefits vanishing, who will care for your parents as they are too old to care for themselves? Will you be there for them as they were there for you?
  9. The Unexpected – A young mother is killed in a car crash. Six months later, her husband dies of a heart attack. They left five minor children. You may think, “My spouse will take care of them,” but what if they can’t?
  10. Pride – How do you want to be remembered? As someone who thought of his family enough to provide for them in your absence?

The time to buy life insurance is NOW!

In closing, are you even eligible for life insurance? At rates you can afford? As we age, our health issues become paramount. You will be older than you are today, and tomorrow is promised to no one. The time to think of life insurance is today.