Security No Matter What Life Throws Your Way

We live in an age of insecurity. No one wants to lose what they have worked so hard for. It’s important to include life insurance among your financial options. Life insurance may be an old-fashioned way to protect yourself and your family, but it is still one of the best products you can buy. Life insurance gives you complete security no matter what life has in store for you as long as it’s not an accidental death policy.

No other financial instrument will do what life insurance can do. The moment your life insurance policy goes into force, the full death benefit to your beneficiary is guaranteed from day one and for as long as you continue to keep the policy in power by paying the premiums. Financial planners call this aspect of life insurance “creating an immediate estate.

Life insurance can seem complicated. There are more products than just term and permanent life insurance. Term and permanent life insurance have many riders and variations that can be added to suit your family’s needs.

This is to your advantage and means greater flexibility and many options. Therefore, a life insurance protection plan can be designed to fit your family’s individual needs.

Various types of policies can serve to protect the family’s economic future. Insurers have adapted their products to augment savings and investment programs.

It’s essential to protect your lifestyle and well-being too. Disability income protection coverage can replace earned income (up to the amount purchased) in case of severe illness or injury that prevents you from working.

A trained life insurance agent can help you choose from all the specialized products. Be sure your agent represents a financially strong company. One way to check on a company is through the ratings of such independent evaluators as Moody’s Investors Services, Standard & Poor’s, A. M. Best, and Duff & Phelps.