Online Term Life Quote

We have a new Online Term Life Quote Engine.  Not all the carriers we represent are listed there, but we are working on adding them as quickly as possible.  Also, remember that this is a computer, so garbage in, garbage out.

Check it out for yourself!!!

Life Insurance

I believe that searching online for life insurance quotes is a good thing if used to get an idea of what you are looking for.  It is prudent to consult with an independent broker like ourselves to ensure you get the policy that will adequately address your needs and expectations.

Another thought on searching online for life insurance quotes is the rating you are giving yourself.  Everyone thinks they are more healthy than they are (myself included).  Websites and other agents like throwing out teaser rates that most people won’t qualify for to get you to call or use them.  I think that is a horrible business practice and shames our industry.  Again, consulting with a knowledgeable agent who interviews and understands you is the best route.

Go ahead and run a life insurance quote above.  But let’s chat about it.  Text or Call (352) 508-4221