Medicare Supplement Plan A

Medicare Supplement Plan A, also known as Medigap Plan A, is a type of health insurance policy designed to supplement Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). It is offered by private insurance companies and helps cover some out-of-pocket costs that Original Medicare, such as copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles, do not cover. Medigap Plan A has the essential benefits of all of the Medicare Supplement plans, which offer complete coverage.


Medigap Plan A offers basic coverage and is one of the more affordable options among the ten standardized Medicare Supplement plans. It covers the following out-of-pocket costs:

  • Medicare Part A hospitalization deductible: Plan A covers the deductible for hospital stays, which is currently $1,600 per benefit period.
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance: Plan A covers the coinsurance for Part B medical services, typically 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.
  • Medicare Part A hospice care coinsurance: Plan A covers the coinsurance for hospice care, typically 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.
  • First three pints of blood: Plan A covers the cost of the first three pints of blood you receive during a medical procedure.
  • Medicare Part A skilled nursing facility coinsurance: Plan A covers the coinsurance for skilled nursing facility stays, typically 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.

Average Premium

The premium for Medigap Plan A varies depending on the insurance company, location, and policyholder’s age. On average, the monthly premium for Plan A ranges from $100 to $200.

Provider Network

Medigap Plan A does not have a provider network. Policyholders are free to see any healthcare provider who accepts Medicare.

Select Plan A

Select Plan A is a Medicare Supplement Plan A variation only available in certain states. It typically has lower premiums than regular Plan A, but policyholders must use healthcare providers within a designated network to receive coverage.

It’s important to note that Medigap plans only cover medical expenses that Original Medicare does not cover. They do not cover prescription drugs, long-term care, or private nursing. If you are interested in coverage for these expenses, you may consider enrolling in a stand-alone prescription drug plan.

Overall, Medigap Plan A is a good option for people looking for basic coverage and want to supplement their Original Medicare coverage. It covers out-of-pocket costs not covered by Original Medicare and provides peace of mind for policyholders. However, it’s essential to compare the prices and benefits of different Medigap policies and determine the best fit for your individual needs and budget.

What is the Next Step

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Plan A Coverage FAQ

Does Medicare Plan A cover Durable Medical Equipment? Yes, after the Medicare Part B deductible is paid, Medicare will pay 80%, and Plan A will pay 20%.

Does Medigap Plan A cover Part B Excess Charge? Plan A will NOT pay for the excess charges if your provider doesn’t accept Medicare assignment.

Will Medigap Plan A cover my inpatient admission and hospital costs? Yes, Plan A will pay the benefit period Part A deductible and coinsurance and provide an additional 365 lifetime reserve days.

Will Medicare Supplement Plan A cover preventive care? Yes, all newer Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans cover preventative care.

Will Medicare Supplement Plan A pay the hospice care coinsurance and hospital costs? Yes