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Avenue Insurance Planners is an independent agency where you can compare Medicare supplement insurance quotes from many different insurance carriers. You can review the lowest rates on the supplemental plans you are most interested in with no pressure and hassle-free.

Medicare Supplement or Medigap

We provide coverage for those aged 65, whether in open enrollment or to individuals losing group coverage and those simply shopping for better rates on an existing supplement. Offering Medicare supplement quotes and range from over 15 “A” rated or better carriers. We focus on your needs and the lowest price for the plan that suits your needs.

I need to know how to enroll in Medicare first. Please read our short step-by-step guide, How to Enroll in Medicare.

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There are ten supplemental plans to choose from, ranging from Plan A through N. Medicare Supplement Plans C, F, G, and N are the most popular as they cover the most common gaps in Medicare.

Plan F (the Cadillac plan) offers the most comprehensive coverage when coupled with a prescription Part D drug plan. Plan G is also a good choice as it covers everything except for the small Part B annual deductible – and the lower premiums compared to Plan F can more than make up for the difference in benefits.

In June 2010, Medicare released two new supplemental plans M and N. In Florida, plan N took off like wildfire; however, plan M doesn’t have much enrollment.

Some of you may have researched a High Deductible Plan F. The high deductible plan F is for those who desire low monthly premiums and the convenience of a traditional supplement. In 2019 the deductible was only $2,300, which is a first-dollar deductible and is much lower than the out-of-pocket maximums associated with most Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Supplement Spousal Discounts

Some carriers will provide premium discounts if you are applying with a spouse. Depending on the airline, this discount can be upwards of 12% for both husband and wife when insured. Ask us to run the rates to see if applying together to get the deal makes sense. Surprisingly sometimes it doesn’t, as other carriers may have lower rates for the same plan, even considering the discount.

Medicare Eligibility, Policy Renewal, And Premium Rates

According to Medicare guidelines, when you reach age 65, you have an open enrollment period of 6 months. That breaks down to three months before your birthday and three months after. During those six months, you are guaranteed eligible for any Medicare supplement of your choice and cannot be turned down due to health conditions.

There is no waiting period for preexisting conditions during the Medicare open enrollment. However, if you do not purchase coverage during this period, you may have to undergo medical underwriting, and your application can be declined. Please tell us if you have preexisting conditions and did not purchase during the open enrollment time. In that case, we know the different carriers’ underwriting guidelines and can work with you to find a page that will accept you.


Some qualifying events will get another open enrollment period and negate this rule. Among them are: losing group coverage, moving to a new service area, enrolling in Part B for the first time, and involuntary loss of other credible coverage.

If you are losing group employer coverage and are using that to enroll in a Medicare supplement, you will need to provide proof to the carrier. This would usually be documented by a letter from your employer or a letter of creditable coverage letter from your insurance carrier. However, those typically come 20-30 days after your last health insurance day.

After your initial enrollment period, there is no annual open enrollment period for Medigap plans. This means you can buy and switch plans anytime throughout the year.

You may also want to check out our resource on Medicare Eligibility over age 65.

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If your Medigap rates have increased on your current policy, it is wise to see if you qualify for a less expensive plan with a competing company. A quick phone call will tell us if you have the lowest rate for your project. Since Medigap plans are all designed the same, for example, Plan F with carrier “XYZ” has the same benefits as Plan F with page “IOP.” If you have a Plan F, you can move to another Plan F with no medical underwriting, potentially saving you a lot of money.

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