Just Married Life Insurance

Did you get married, or are you planning on getting married? Have you considered what insurance protections you might need to implement or adjust?

To Love and To Hold, till death do us part. Being married and talking about death is no fun or even very comfortable. Maybe you don’t want to think about it. I can tell you this: ignoring it won’t make it not happen to you. Being in this business, I have had the opportunity to deliver a check to the widow, taking care of their financial dilemma. I have also had the unfortunate opportunity to hear a widow’s story when they couldn’t keep up with the house payment after their spouse had an untimely death and no life insurance.

You can probably guess which conversation I would rather have!!

Just Married Life Insurance

No amount of life insurance can replace a person; no amount of money is good enough. I don’t want my wife and kids to worry about money if I die early, and it is worth it to me to pay that premium for the life insurance, even though I could use it elsewhere.

Don’t Procrastinate

Life insurance is not something that one should procrastinate on. At some point, before you pass away, you become uninsurable. What does that mean? I take a lot of phone calls from people wanting life insurance because they just had a scare; maybe a heart attack, stroke, or cancer, but is that person insurable anymore? The answer is Depends. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to get your just-married life insurance.

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