Do You Have Enough Life Insurance for Tomorrow

Do you have enough life insurance for tomorrow?  Life Insurance planning is the foundation of a sound financial future…. unlike any other financial tool, Life Insurance provides a straightforward benefit solution to some of life’s most difficult events. What carrier is right for you?  We have access to over 60 “A” or above-rated carriers so that we are able to find the carrier that is going to approve of you. So how much Life Insurance do you really need??  Keep in mind 78% of Americans think they have enough or too much Life Insurance according to a 2011 LIMRA study.

If you purchased this amount of insurance$100,000         $250,000      $500,000     $1,000,000   
And your family spent $25,000 on final expenses$75,000$225,000$475,000$975,000
Your Family will have this monthly income left for 10 years      $788$2,365$4,992$10,247
This monthly income left for 20 years$488$1,465$3,093$6,349
This monthly income left for 30 years$396$1,188$2,508$5,147

Assumes 5% interest on the lump sum. 28% tax bracket Sit down with your spouse, and decide together how each one feels would be enough to replace your income. Remember this is not to make you feel comfortable, you’ll be gone, this is what they are going to need to pay bills, mortgage, daycare, education, etc… Want to run a term life quote right now to see what you can afford? Fill out the form to the left, and get a free instant no-obligation quote.