How Familiar Are You with Your Disability Policy?

Here are some questions to consider when evaluating coverage:

  1. What is the definition of a “disability?”
  2. Does the policy cover accidents and sicknesses?
  3. Are benefits available to total disability only or total and partial disability?
  4. Are “return to work” benefits available even if you are not disabled?
  5. What percentage of your income will the policy replace in the event of disability?
  6. Can your premiums be increased in future years?
  7. How long must you be disabled before premiums are waived?
  8. Is there an option to buy additional coverage later without needing to prove your insurability?
  9. Does the policy offer inflation protection?
  10. Will the policy pay full benefits even if you can work after a catastrophic disability such as losing your hearing, eyesight or losing a limb?

As with any insurance, it’s best to know how your policy works before filing a claim.  Call us today (352-508-4221), and we will be glad to review your current coverage or advise on a new policy.