Gun Owners Liability Insurance

I was reading that some politicians have proposed in the house that gun owners be required to carry a liability insurance policy. This is, of course, in the wake of a mass shooting.

This is interesting. I know a bill in the house proposes this, and the politician who wrote it has NO CLUE how insurance works. You can’t get insurance on an intentional act. For example, can you get fire insurance on that box of cigars on your desk? You and I know very well that those cigars’ demise will be an open flame.

The same would be valid with this policy; shooting someone not in self-defense is intentional and breaking the law, and therefore would not be a covered incident. An approach like this would work if someone did not follow gun safety practices and a child got a hold of the weapon and shot someone; then it would be a covered incident.

My political rant on this is why we are passing more legislation instead of enforcing the legislation that we already have…

Anyway, enough of my ranting. What say you???