Final Expense Plans

Setting up a final expense plan is not something a lot of people want to think about until later on in life or sometimes ever.  Let’s get into what the final expense plans are.  This is a plan you purchase that you can use (as everyone passes away).  There are two styles of final expense plans; I represent both.

The first style of the final expense plan is where you pick out a funeral home and casket type, along with a grave sight and headstone, and then repay it.  This is the most common style of final expense plan, but in my opinion, it leaves much to be desired.

The second style of a final expense plan is a fixed dollar amount you want your stated beneficiary to take care of your final expenses.  These policies are fully portable, meaning you don’t have to choose a specific funeral home if you don’t want to; well, these policies can give your family the money to be able to pay for travel, death certificates, and other bills that are associated with passing away.  These policies generally pay out within a couple of days of providing the company with a valid death certificate.  As your agent, I would be more than happy to work with your family in getting the necessary documents to the company to expedite the payout and take just one more thing off their plate.

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