Disability Income Insurance

Disability income insurance is designed to replace your income when you cannot earn it. You may already receive coverage through work; if so, it may only cover a portion of your income or be taxable, reducing its benefit. Income insurance is living insurance. This insurance replaces part of your income if you are too sick or injured to work.

Merits of Disability Insurance
Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance is needed by just about everyone who earns a living. Disability insurance is meant for such instances because the insurance company would pay their bills and loans and cover all expenses until the person can work without difficulty. Before subjecting to such policies, read the forms carefully, as such companies would not cover certain illnesses if you were subjected to them before. Disability income policies have waiting periods before benefits become payable. The waiting period starts after you have become disabled for a covered disability.

Disability income insurance policies differ significantly in how much and under what conditions they pay. One difference occurs in the definition of a disability. Disability income insurance provides a specific benefit to replace part of lost income when an insured person cannot work because of an illness or injury. An employer may provide disability income insurance as a group benefit or purchase it as individual insurance. A separate policy offers protection as long as you continue paying the premium.

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