Congress Voting To Dramatically Change Medicare Supplements

Maybe you’ve heard, but more than likely you haven’t heard.  The media really has not covered it. Congress is voting this week to dramatically change Medicare Supplements.

Here is the skinny.  Currently (2015) if someone that has no medicare supplement, or a supplement that doesn’t cover the Part B deductible, ie… Plan G they pay $147.00 for the part b deductible. What they are proposing to do is raise that across the board to $250.00.  Which means a Plan F would not longer be available.

If you don’t know Plan F covers all the gaps in Medicare, and is by far the most popular plan around. This proposal would close plan F to new beneficiaries (the youngest and healthiest), which would make Plan F rates go through the roof.

Plan G would become a very popular plan at that point (it’s actually fairly popular with my clients, as I have showed them a way to save even after paying the Part B deductible).

Now before you start yelling at the republicans or the democrats, it isn’t one of the parties, they have both worked hard on fleecing the American Senior Citizen.

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Also if you think it will help, contact your congressman to let them know how you feel.