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Know What to Look for When Buying Individual Health Insurance

Written by Brian

Most Americans who have health insurance are covered through an employer’s plan. However, some employers do not offer health insurance coverage. If you work for one of these companies, you will need to purchase private individual health insurance. There are certain advantages to purchasing health coverage in the private market. Instead of choosing from plans.. More

Term Life Insurance Term Life insurance is life insurance that you pay for during a specified length of time or term – generally one to 30 years. You select the amount of the death benefit or face value to meet your needs. Term policies are generally designed with a maximum issue age that limits the.. More

How to Find Old Life Insurance Policy

Written by Brian

You are probably searching the internet on how to find old life insurance policy because a loved one recently passed away.  First and foremost I am truly sorry for your loss.  If you know that your loved one purchased a life insurance policy from us at Avenue Insurance Planners, please give us a call!  This.. More