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How to Find Old Life Insurance Policy

Written by Brian

You are probably searching the internet on how to find old life insurance policy, because a loved one recently passed away.  First and foremost I am truly sorry for your loss.  If you know that your loved one purchased a life insurance policy from us at Avenue Insurance Planners, please give us a call!  This.. More

Pre-existing conditions and your Medigap

Written by Brian

Pre-existing conditions and your Medigap Questions about your Medigap Plan options and pre-existing conditions? Typically speaking, if you have had another Medigap policy and are changing carriers, there is no pre-existing conditions clause for the new plan. The same goes if you are just aging into Medicare and coming off an employer plan or individual medical.. More

Do I need a Medicare Supplement and Tricare for Life

Written by Brian

Being in a city with an Air Force base, A question I get frequently is, do I need a Medicare Supplement or Medigap, if I have Tricare for Life.  The short answer is no, you do not need a Medicare Supplement along with Tricare for Life.  The longer answer is I can’t find a good.. More