Beware of Life Insurance Scam

Life Insurance

I found this article in the Columbus Dispatch Share me about a Life Insurance Scam.  This scam targets seniors (since most seniors are not reading this, pass this on to your folks).  What happens is that life insurance agents without morals looking to make a quick buck are persuading seniors to get a life policy. They (or “investors”) will pay for the procedure and give them money upfront.  The life insurance agent makes money on the commission of the sale, and the “investor” has a little bit of money on the line, but when the person dies, they get the life insurance check.

The life insurance agent knows better than to do this, so my only explanation for why they would do such a thing is pure greed.

The bottom line, get to know who your doing business with.  If you’re a senior, bring a child into the meeting.  Any life insurance agent that isn’t conducting funny business won’t mind you having your children or a friend with you during your interaction. Don’t be the one that falls victim to this life insurance scam.

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