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Brian has been in the insurance industry for over 8 years, specializing in the senior market. Helping seniors navigate Medicare, Final Expenses, and Long Term Care. Brian recently started in helping seniors with their auto and home or renters insurance needs. A trusted adviser is what Brian's clients refer to him as.

USA Today Publishes Erroneous Medicare Information Today

I was reading an article in the USA Today by Steve Weisman titled How to spot, avoid Medicare open-enrollment scams. Being in my field of expertise I thought this was going to be a great article. I am all for educating the seniors on how to protect themselves not only with insurance and the correct…
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How to Enroll Into Medicare

How to Enroll Into Medicare?  So you’re turning 65, your coming of age.  So now what do you need to do to enroll into Medicare.  Really you need to make a financial decision before you enroll into Medicare, and that is, have you started taking Social Security, or will you start taking Social Security Income…
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Renters Insurance 101

Thinking about a policy to protect you while renting, here is our Renters Insurance 101 course for you. Renters insurance is fairly simple insurance to buy and understand with 3 main components. Liability Personal Property Everything else (additional riders) 1.) Liability Insurance — Liability insurance covers what you might do to harm someone.  So you…
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