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Brian has been in the insurance industry for over 12 years, specializing in the senior market. Helping seniors navigate Medicare, Final Expenses, and Long Term Care. A trusted adviser is what Brian's clients refer to him as.

How to Find Old Life Insurance Policy

You are probably searching the internet on how to find old life insurance policy because a loved one recently passed away.  First and foremost I am truly sorry for your loss.  If you know that your loved one purchased a life insurance policy from us at Avenue Insurance Planners, please give us a call!  This…
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Pre-existing conditions and your Medigap

Questions about your Medigap Plan options and pre-existing conditions? Typically speaking, if you have had another Medigap policy and are changing carriers, there is no pre-existing conditions clause for the new plan. The same goes if you are just aging into Medicare and coming off an employer plan or individual medical insurance plan.  There could be…
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Do I need a Medicare Supplement and Tricare for Life

Being in a city with an Air Force base, A question I get frequently is, do I need a Medicare Supplement or Medigap, if I have Tricare for Life.  The short answer is no, you do not need a Medicare Supplement along with Tricare for Life.  The longer answer is I can’t find a good…
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