As Seen On TV – Not Anymore

One of my Medicare clients sent me an email today simply said.  You surely don’t see this on television anymore.   Now instead of seeing advertisments to purchase asbestos products.  Now it’s lawyers who want you to sue the asbestos companies is all you seen on TV.

If you can’t play or hear it for some reason, it’s a commercial for Larsons Asbestos.


I wanted to do a little more research on asbestos to put things in better perspective.  Asbestos if you don’t know is actually a rock, that one can easily shave it’s fibers.  (Very cool if you ask me).  Asbestos in extremely strong and are fire resistant.  Asbestos use goes back to the Greek and Roman times, however the first documented asbestos-related death was in 1924

Anyways according to the Insurance Information Institute; The U.S. insurance industry asbestos-related losses could eventually reach as much as $85 billion.

What a useful product asbestos is, but darn scary stuff.