Our Accomplishments

We Did What??

Not to toot our horn, or maybe to toot our horn.  We enjoy helping families protect themselves financially using insurance products, we also enjoy doing that while saving them a ton of money.

Do to HiPPA regulations we are not allowed to share names or other contact information (nor would you want us to, if it were you).

  • Took a Spokane Valley, WA client who was on a Medicare Supplement Plan A for $230/mo., moved him over to a Medicare Supplement Plan G (tons more coverage) for $150./mo.  That is $960.00/yr. that he get’s to keep instead of filling up the insurance carriers pockets, plus he has more coverage if he does get sick.
  • Took a Greenacres, WA client who had a $1,000,000 20 year term life policy paying $127./mo., Got him the same $1,000,000 20 year term life policy (a few years after he got the original one) for $62./mo.
  • Saved an Airway Heights, WA client $190/yr. on their auto and homeowners insurance without reducing their coverages.
  • Told a client that they would be a good fit for a insurance carrier I don’t represent, saving them $400./yr.  I bet they will be back.
  • In the last couple months saved roughly 20 clients $21./mo. on their Medicare Supplement plan, without reducing coverage.
  • Saved a Spokane, WA fixed income client $13./mo. on her life insurance policy, without cutting coverages.
  • Helped a Yakima, WA client get a claim approved that was originally denied by the carrier.