About Us

We’re Avenue Insurance Planners, and we handle all your personal and business insurance needs.

Our specialty in the Medicare Supplement market is unsurpassed.  Brian is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) regarding Medicare products, and is always looking for your challenging questions.  Many of our Medicare supplement clients have referred us to their friends, family and yes even their parents. Brian loves consulting with seniors on developing the right Medigap plan for them.

The other specialty that Brian has, is placing hard to find life insurance.  Maybe you’re a diabetic, or a marijuana smoker (We have access to carriers that won’t give you smoker rates for marijuana usage), cigar smoker, or maybe you have kidney disease or heart issues.  Let us know upfront so that we can go to work for you to find you the best rate with an “A-Rated” carrier.

Although we specialize in Medicare and Life insurance we handle all lines and can help you out with all your insurance needs. Check out our service areas.

What we do in our spare time

Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and toddler son (Jackson) and toddler daughter (Claire).  Both Brian and Alana serve in the Spokane Valley Kiwanis club, Brian as a past president as well as a past board member, Alana was also a past board member.  Brian also serves as the co-chair on the board of trustees for the Spokane Valley Kiwanis Foundation (501)(c)(3).  Brian and Alana are very active in their church and enjoy leading or hosting weekly small group bible studies.


Brian has been in the insurance industry since 2004, and has been an Liberty Lake Insurance agent since March 2007.  In July of 2009 the Washington State OIC re-titled insurance agent to insurance producer.  In 2011 the agency Brian was working for let everyone go independent, and Brian set out and formed Avenue Insurance Planners and became a broker.