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Pre-existing conditions and your Medigap

Written by Brian

Questions about your Medigap Plan options and pre-existing conditions? Typically speaking, if you have had another Medigap policy and are changing carriers, there is no pre-existing conditions clause for the new plan. The same goes if you are just aging into Medicare and coming off an employer plan or individual medical insurance plan.  There could be a pre-existing clause if you do not have medical insurance prior to enrolling in your Medigap plan.  When you have your consultation with us we will ask about your current coverage so that we can properly guide you into the correct insurance carrier and plan. You may also be interested in https://www.avenueinsuranceplanners.com/medicare/affordable-medigap-plans/


About Avenue Insurance Planners
About Avenue Insurance Planners

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best insurance rates.  Licensed and servicing clients in all lines and specializing in Medigap, and Life insurance

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