Coverage to Fit Your Specific Needs

The basis of any financial plan is Life Insurance, Contact us today to get the peace of mind knowing you are taking care of the people you love the most.

A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, F’s, G’s, N’s. What is the right letter for your unique situation? We would love to walk you through your options and explain the differences.

Final Expenses are often overlooked, however those who plan ahead, can help those closest to them the time to grieve instead of making decisions, often making costly mistakes.

If you drive you must have auto insurance, but that doesn’t mean you have to overpay for it or be under-protected.

Whether you are needing to protect your home from being destroyed, or your contents of your rental we can find a coverage and a price to meet your specific needs.

Cancer and other critical illnesses affect most people, more than likely someone you know, these policies aren’t for everyone, but it is worth a discussion if it is right for your situation.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Some of the questions we get on a regular basis.

I'm aging into Medicare, what should I bring with me to my appointment?

Congratulations you are coming of age!!! When you come to your appointment to discuss the different Medicare options you should bring the following:
Your spouse / significant other / friend / child
Your Questions
Medicare and You Book (if you have it)
Your Medicare card (if you have it)
Doctor Names and Hospitals you like to use

Can you quote my auto or home insurance?

Yes we can quote your auto and home insurance. The best way to do that is to have your declarations page of what you currently have. You should also be ready to play a spirited game of 20 questions, as there will be more questions that the declarations page doesn’t have answers for. We can then give you a apples to apples comparison, and then a quote of what we would recommend you have.

If I have BLANK condition, Can I get Life Insurance

The short answer is yes!!! We have life insurance policies that most anybody can qualify for. However that being said they may or may not be what you consider affordable. Let us know how much coverage you want and for how long you want it, and what condition(s) you have and we will give you a quote. Remember though don’t wait to long as age is a condition that sometimes can’t qualify for a policy.

Phone number is 509-927-9200

Do you have a toll free number

We used to have a toll free number and wish that we could still offer it. However there are to many scammers that were able to abuse our number and cost us tons of money. If you don’t use a cell phone or a landline that has free long distance, don’t hesitate to call us and immediately tell us to call you back, so that we can talk on our dime. We want to help save you money any way we can.

I procrastinated and need insurance tomorrow

Yes it happens, more frequently than we like to hear. Yes in most cases we can get you coverage tomorrow. However it may preclude us from having all the options available to you as some carriers have deadlines that are before the day prior to the effective date.

At any way give us a call immediately. 509-927-9200

Evening Appointment

I work during the day and am not able to meet with you until the evening. Yes we understand this problem. Give us a call and let’s work something out that fits into your schedule.

Our Contacts

We welcome your phone call. For a visit we would ask that you schedule an appointment before coming in.

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